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2017 Integrative SIBO Conference (CLOSED)


Saturday & Sunday, March 25-26, 2017

National University of Health Sciences  |  Lombard, Illinois


Introducing the first SIBO event of its kind demonstrating a truly integrative platform of leading practitioners and researchers as they pioneer this exciting topic in healthcare. This conference will feature an international line-up of speakers presenting on a comprehensive spectrum of SIBO related topics such as rheumatology, MTHFR, restless leg syndrome, dermatology, diabetes and psychology, as well as current literature on herbal treatment, pharmacological protocols and PPI meta-analyses.


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Featured Speakers

Dr. Lisa Shaver, ND, MSOM, LAc
Portland, Oregon, USA
Conference Moderator
Dr. Leonard Weinstock, MD, FACG
St. Louis, Missourri, USA
Dr. Michael Traub, ND, DHANP, FABNO
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA
Dr. Paul Anderson, NMD
Seattle, Washington, USA
Dr. Nirala Jacobi, ND, BHSc
Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia
Dr. Carmelo Scarpignato, MD, DSc, PharmD, MPH, FRCP, FACP, FCP, FACG, AGAF
Parma, Emilia Romagna, Italy
*Sponsored by QuinTron 
Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC
San Francisco, California, USA
Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND, DHANP
Portland, Oregon, USA
*Sponsored by Aerodiagnostics
Heidi Turner, MS, RDN, CD
Seattle, Washington, USA
Dr. Ryan Bradley, ND, MPH
Portland, Oregon, USA
Dr. Allison Siebecker, ND, MSOM, LAc
Portland, Oregon, USA
*Sponsored by Metabolic Maintenance

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