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Margaret "Maggi" Beeson, ND

Missoula, Montana | United States of America

The founder and owner of Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic, Dr. Beeson is a national leader in efforts to advance the quality of naturopathic care and integrate conventional and alternative medicine for patient benefit. She brings 40 years of medical experience to her practice, including a 20-year career as a nurse, certified midwife, physician assistant, and nutritional consultant. Before completing her naturopathic training at Bastyr University, she served in the U.S. Navy Medical Corps, and worked as a hospital and private practice nurse involved in surgery, recovery, acute and chronic care, ICU, psychiatry, allergies, nutrition, and environmental medicine. Dr. Beeson is committed to her Montana community, advancing clinical training for NDs, and collaborating with the conventional medical community. 

Past Conference Participation

2017 NMSA Annual Conference - Phoenix, Arizona

~ Featured Speaker ~

"The Gut Is the Root of the Tree - How symbiosis and candida overgrowth are often the underlying cause of your patients chronic complaints"


2018 Integrative SIBO Conference - New Orleans, Louisiana

~ Featured Speaker ~

"The Gut Is the Root of the Tree - Candida overgrowth (SIFO & LIFO) as an under diagnosed and underlying cause of dysbiosis"

2019 Integrative SIBO Conference - Seattle, Washington

~ Panelist ~



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