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​Transgender Health Awareness: 

An Educational Resource

Synergy proposes the design and production of a complete catalogue of educational resources for both transgender people and health care practitioners. Each presentation is digitally hosted on Synergy’s website, and recorded or contracted professionally by Synergy. Certain courses are geared primarily for health care practitioners, such as lectures on endocrinology, surgical procedures, literature updates and primary care options. These courses are all presented by medical, science or legal professionals, and are available for continuing medical education credits. In addition, courses are also available for people considering transition, people already in transition, or people looking to gain more insight into the transition process in general. While these courses may still focus on medical topics and contain information relevant to therapy and treatment, they are not necessarily available for continuing medical education, and are more likely to use layman terminology. Additionally, these courses may be presented by recognized allies, transgender people, or professionals outside the realm of medicine who are still able to give valuable insight to people looking for information with more real-life application.

The purpose of creating this online library is to offer a resource to both the public and medical community that blends the crucial elements of daily living with medical data and treatment options. Because of the recent rise in teens and adults identifying as either trans or gender queer, large gaps still exist in the curriculum of the healthcare professionals who are working within this population. Plastic surgeons who have been performing breast augmentation surgeries for decades are suddenly finding that they need sensitivity training in order to best serve their transgender patients. Primary care physicians who have been treating hormone imbalances are having to learn new vernacular for taking patient histories. And hospital and private practice administrative staff are working to catch up on rapidly changing insurance coverage. Often, the small errors made can have the greatest damaging effect on the patient. If a trans-male goes to see his primary care doctor for the first time, and still finds himself faced with non-affirmative segregated bathrooms in the facility, that may make it more difficult for him to return for follow-up appointments in the future. Or if a trans-woman wakes up from top surgery and is still being referred to as “he” or “him” by the hospital staff, that can create lasting trauma that may linger for years.

The learning platform offered by Synergy aims to blend the knowledge of real people with first-hand life experience with current medical training and research information being taught to healthcare professionals. Our goal is to create an inclusive resource illuminating not only treatment options and protocols, but also the daily life challenges that may not typically be considered by those without personal experience.

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