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Kayle Sandberg-Lewis, MA, LMT, BCN

Portland, Oregon | United States of America

Kayle Sandberg-Lewis holds a master’s degree in Behavioral Medicine and has a private practice specializing in acquired brain injuries, anxiety and stress-related disorders. Board-certified by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance as a Neurofeedback Practitioner, she is also trained in peripheral biofeedback. Kayle has several tools at her disposal to help the disordered brain calm itself and function more optimally.

Kayle Sandberg-Lewis, a survivor of multiple “mild” traumatic brain injuries, has become an advocate for the use of non-standard therapies in dealing with the sequelae of brain injuries. She has presented her work at local, regional and national conferences and is an adjunct member of the faculty at National Univer- sity of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon. At NUNM Kayle created, along with her husband, naturopathic physician Steven Sandberg-Lewis, The PsyPhy Shift, a training rotation that will soon be housed in the Master of Science in Integrated Mental Health. Student physicians work with survivors of a variety of brain injuries using Applied Psychophysiology tools. 


Past Conference Participation

2018 Integrative SIBO Conference - New Orleans, Louisiana

~ Guest Speaker ~

"Traumatic Brain Injuries & SIBO – Exploring the Relationship"

2019 Integrative SIBO Conference - Seattle, Washington

~ Panelist ~

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